kathy beynette

Peter Neumeyer, award winning writer and collaborator of Edward Gorey, writing about Kathy Beynette’s work:
“Creations of generous plenitude.   They are full of all things that could be created in their universes, and nothing that could have been created is left uncreated.  A thoroughly medieval theology.   I love them.”  

Crystal Bailey, writing about Kathy Beynette's book, "When Your Porcupine Feels Prickly":
Kathy, we LOVE your book!! Joe gave it to me for my birthday, and we in turn shared it with the kiddos. Though the text drew many laughs, the pictures were what sparked the most interest--especially with Benny, who isn't quite able to interpret the writing yet. Proof that pictures are worth a thousand words :) thanks again for creating it.